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Graduate Studies

The Department of Philology offers a number of graduate (MA) programs as well as a joint doctoral (PhD) program.

Master’s (MA) studies

From the academic year 2018-19 onwards there are three different Master’s (MA) programs: Classics (with two different pathways, Ancient Greek and Latin Literature), Medieval-Modern Greek Literature (with different courses) and Linguistics.

Each MA program lasts for four semesters (plus two (2) semesters of possible, conditional extension for the MA dissertation): the first three semesters are dedicated to seminars (two (2) seminars per semester), i.e. six (6) in total, while the fourth one is devoted to the writing of an MA dissertation. Part-time study is also available.

Applications may be submitted in the former part (1-15) of September, while entrance examinations for each MA program respectively take place in the latter part (15-30) of the same month.

For more information, please consult the Handbook of Studies or contact the Secretariat.

Doctoral (PhD) studies

The Department of Philology offers a joint doctoral (PhD) program regardless of the PhD thesis topic (Classics, Medieval-Modern Greek, Linguistics). The PhD course is based on research exclusively, i.e. there are no formal requirements for PhD students to attend any courses (but supervisors can recommend otherwise, even on an informal basis). Candidates are normally expected to have been awarded an MA degree beforehand.

The minimum duration of studies is three (3) academic years, but two (2) additional years of extension are also possible.

Applications may be submitted during the summer vacation (by August, 31) every year.

For more information, please consult the Handbook of Studies or contact the Secretariat.

Post-doctoral studies

Τhe Departrment of Philology also hosts a number of post-doctoral researchers, in the context of both research programs led by faculty members and individual applications for post-doc grants offered by a number of Greek institutions.
Post-doctoral researchers may offer undergraduate courses, independently or in conjunction with faculty members.