Department of Philology

School of Philosophy
University of Ioannina

About the Department

The Department of Philology was established in 1984, but its history goes as far back as 1964 when the Faculty (: ‘School’) of Philosophy admitted students for the first time. The commencement of this undergraduate program also marked the beginning of the University of Ioannina altogether, initially (1964-70) as an annex of the University of Thessaloniki. In 1984, the Faculty (: ‘School’) of Philosophy was split into three independent Departments, namely the Departments of Philology, History & Archaeology, and Philosophy, Education & Psychology (currently, Department of Philosophy).


The Department of Philology is divided into three Sub-faculties (‘Divisions’), namely Classics, Byzantine & Modern Greek literature, and Linguistics, which offer a joint undergraduate (BA) program in Philology. The undergraduate program is uniform for the first three years of studies but is distinguished into three different pathways / specializations (Classics, Medieval & Modern Greek literature, and Linguistics) in the fourth year.


In addition, the Department of Philology also offers a number of graduate (MA) programs (Classics, Medieval Greek Literature, Modern Greek Literature, Linguistics) as well as a joint doctoral (PhD) program.


The main aim of the Department of Philology is to provide its undergraduate and graduate students with first-class education, while promoting at the same time scholarly research in the fields of Classics, Medieval and Modern Greek literature, and Linguistics.